Night terrors? Sleep Disturbances?

NO NEED TO SUFFER ANYMORE For years, I suffered from night terrors and repeated night time awakenings. Prior to this, I was a normal, healthy kid, who was generally enamored with life. Looking back, everything changed for me when I came across a now well known neurotoxin called aspartame. One day I was at my dad's office, and was really hungry, so I grabbed a couple sugar cubes by the coffee maker, and saw some blue packets marked "Equal", which seemed harmless enough at first glance. I tore open a packet, and poured the white powder in my mouth, and immediately was like, "wow this is pretty good"! I was immediately hooked. Little did I know that I was consuming a cumulative neurotoxin kn

2 Powerful Nutrients for Boosting Brain Function - and Healing the Brain & Nervous System

THE FOUNDATION First and foremost, the diet we eat is truly foundational. Most of us need more healthy fats, fewer carbs and sugar (unless you’re an endurance athlete), and some good quality protein to stay energetic and healthy. Over the years, I’ve tried all variations of eating, and what I’ve come to understand is that we all have different requirements for different nutrients. Some people naturally need more protein. Possibly due to their O-type blood, muscle mass, or level of activity. Others need more vitamin D because they have limited sun exposure, a fast metabolism, or simply feel better with slightly higher levels. Over and above all else, our health is OUR responsibility, not a

Lithium and Fluoride – in Nutrition and Disease

A NEWLY RECOGNIZED NUTRIENT - AND A NEW AWARENESS Here’s what we know: in ultra high doses (e.g. 170-340 mg per day) – lithium acts as a drug with a host of unwanted effects. Any essential mineral taken at extremely high amounts will do the same or worse. You'd get even nastier immediate effects (e.g. GI irritation, nausea, vomiting) from either zinc or copper – both essential nutrients, at comparable, relative doses – whereas in low doses (e.g. 5-20 mg per day; used for many years now), lithium acts a nutrient. This is our new awareness, which is only new in the sense that most health professionals (and the general public) have yet to be exposed to this truth. Just as small amounts of cop

The Societal Consequences of Lithium Deficiency

In this review, the essential trace mineral lithium will be addressed, its nutritional benefits, and the consequences of lithium deficiency in our society. INTRODUCTION Lithium is the lightest of all minerals. It’s the 3rd element in the Periodic Table of Elements – with an atomic weight of 7 – in the same group as sodium and potassium. Like sodium and potassium, its true nature is that of an essential mineral required in small amounts for optimal health, NOT a drug [1-6]. The fact is, we need a little every day for its healing and protective benefits, and for our brain and nervous system to function properly. Unfortunately its true nature up until now has been largely masked and skewed b

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