Magnesium, Lithium, and Zinc - The Holy Triad in Neuroprotection, Brain Recovery, and Healing

Magnesium has been called the body’s primary “anti-stress” mineral, and for good reason. It’s a natural “stress buffer”, and has a powerful soothing, and calming effect on the brain and nervous system. Though, it’s not alone. Due to their similar chemistry – lithium (Li) has similar biological effects to that of magnesium (Mg) – zinc (Zn) too. As someone who has been fascinated with nutritional biochemistry and trace mineral research since a very young age (around the age of 11 is when I jumped aboard the biochemistry train), I was mesmerized by the intricate interactions of the different vitamins and minerals (both macro and micro) – and how a simple deficiency in just one nutrient could af

The 7 Most Powerful Healing Nutrients on the Planet

This is a quick overview of some of the most powerful, healing, calming, grounding, and strengthening nutrients that you may be lacking – and can derive immediate benefit from – starting today! So, let’s get started. 1. Magnesium is the body's primary "anti-stress" mineral, and works in conjunction with the B-complex and its companion nutrients, lithium and zinc in providing a calming, strengthening effect on the nervous system. Not widely known, magnesium also provides powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory activity throughout the body. Over 300 enzymes in the human body depend on adequate levels of magnesium for their functioning. These enzymes are needed for energy production (mitochondr

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