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I have seen amazing results in myself and others who have come to see you. Your recommendations are life changing. 


Dianne Darcy, M.Ac. L.Ac.

Tucson, AZ

I've known Dr. Marshall for over ten years, and through the years have had a variety of health complaints that I would see him about.  Several years ago he designed a nutritional program for me specifically for improving cognitive function that I must say has had a dramatic effect on the way I feel and function every day.  I feel like a completely different person since starting his program.  More focused, motivated, and just feeling healthier and happier than I have felt in many years.  Others have commented on the positive differences as well, which I believe gave me a boost in overall brain function I needed to pursue and ultimately finish a doctoral program in divinity, as well.  Thank you good doctor for all your help. Many thanks!


Gary Pollitt, Ph.D., Counselor and Therapist

Green Valley, AZ

Just thought I would give you an update.  I really didn't think there would be such rapid improvement... As of today he has gone 8 nights without having a night terror - at least that he remembers.  To me that is amazing.  He hasn't been as tired and seems to be getting more confidence every day.  It's amazing that nothing much is written about all of this when searching for night terror remedies. Thanks so much for meeting with the two of us so quickly.  Hopefully everything stays on this improvement path.


Russ Dennis

Tucson, AZ 

Dear Dr. Marshall,


Just wanted to say thank you for introducing Lithium Orotate to my elderly parents -- with only 10-20 mg per day, they are much happier and cognitively sharper.  They are very skeptical about pharmaceuticals in general, but this is a nutraceutical which they are accepting with open hearts. I cannot thank you enough.


J.Y. Park, M.D.

Tucson, AZ

He did a great job with my son. We were struggling trying to figure out why he was having some intense behavior issues and based on his suggestions found a salicylate sensitivity!!

Ginny Thames

Tucson, AZ

Approximately two years ago, I had a nutritional consultation with Dr. Marshall. The results have changed my life! In the first two weeks, I noticed a dramatic change in how I viewed my life, circumstances and my energy level markedly increased. Over the next several months, I had a couple more consultations and minor adjustments with my vitamins and supplements. Dr Marshall was aways an empathetic listener and the adjustments just improved how I felt and functioned. I connected better with clients and work associates. My improved health lead me to find personal satisfaction in doing volunteer work and my spouse and I markedly broadened our social circle and made new friends. For decades, I had seasonal allergies, but this year I had no seasonal allergy issues. I attribute this to an ever improving immune system. Today, in the middle of a pandemic, I feel optimistic and that some of the best years of my life are ahead. I am so very thankful for Dr. Marshall’s expertise.


J. Bossert

Tucson, AZ

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