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NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS (optimization consult) 

to maximize the benefits from the supplements you're taking.


With thousands of nutritional supplements on the market, it's often difficult to know which one to choose.  You need magnesium, but don't know whether to get the oxide, aspartate, citrate, malate, gluconate, or glycinate form of the supplement.  Which one is best?  And, what's the difference between the different forms?  

I'll explain the differences, and select the form best suited to your needs.


And say, you're looking for a high quality protein supplement, but are unsure what form of whey is 

best?  Isolate or concentrate, and what's the difference?


Or you're looking for a well-absorbed form of iron, and your doctor prescribes iron sulfate, but it's

upsetting your stomach -- and you need to take an iron supplement, but want something that doesn't

produce unwelcome side-effects.


This is an area I've taught, written extensively on, and have studied in depth for over 25 years.  Let me put my expertise to work for you in selecting the most effective, and highest quality nutritional supplements for your unique health needs.  Fee: $225

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